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AC Electromagnet Features:

  • Computer-optimized design to deliver higher holding value

  • Lower operation temperature rise to extend life

  • Continuous duty rating

  • Steel outer wall with epoxy encapsulation for durability

  • Epoxy powder coating, zinc plated, or nickel-plated

  • Flexible leads or terminal block from side

Standard AC Electromagnets for Holding Applicationselectromagnetelectromagnet
Sizes: 1-1/4" dia. to 6" dia. & 2-1/2" sq. to 4" x 8" rectangular
Holding value: up to 1,700 lbs.
Operation voltages: 110 V. AC
Shapes: Round, Square, and Rectangular
Styles: Plug-in or In-line

True AC Electromagnets for Alternating Field Applicationselectromagnet
Input power from 110 V.AC at 50 Hz up to 400 Hz