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floppy disk eraser

The FDE-1 Floppy Disk Eraser utilizes a powerful true AC electromagnet to generate 3,000 gauss alternating magnetic field on the surface to bulk erase or de-magnetize any magnetic media with high coercivity. The FDE-1 is specifically set to erase a computer floppy disks with metal particle formats. A computer floppy disk will go over the surface of the electromagnet and all its information is erased by the strong magnetic field.

Operation Voltage:              120 Volt AC, 7 Amps, 60Hz
Operation Duty Cycle:        50% Duty Cycle (10 min on, 10 min off)
Field Strength:                     3,000 Gauss on the surface
Erasing Operation:               Place a floppy disk on the electromagnet and take away, while the electromagnet is powered
Dimensions:                         Electromagnet 6”L x 4.3”W x 2”H
Shipping Weight:                 9 lbs.
Warrant:                                One year limited warranty
List Price:                             $550 each
Delivery:                               1 weeks A.R.O.